Neighborhood by neighborhood

  • Annex: Request an report and investigation on the current operations at 348 Davenport.
  • Chinatown: Beautify, enhance and reinvent existing network of interconnected laneways so they can become event spaces and community spaces.
  • Kensington Market: Protect heritage and propose as candidate for Unesco World Heritage. See Heritage below.
  • Little Italy: Develop and encourage laneway housing.
  • Yorkville : Seasonal Traffic-Free Promenade between Bay and Avenue a traffic free promenade in the warmer Toronto months.
  • Rosedale: Protect heritage buildings such as Hobbs Sun House at 7 Dale.

Accountability and Ethics

Ombudsman Toronto and non partisan reporting
Marc will support expanding the investigative and reporting role of Ombudsman Toronto so City Council can benefit from non-partisan policy analysis and accountability.

Foreign Influence
Marc will decline any invitation by a foreign government or third-party group to fund a trip to their country, province, territory or city.

Health and Social Issues

Noise Pollution
Noise issues: City Noise is a serious health issue. Marc will support initiatives designed at curbing noise pollution in Toronto. Marc will support amending Toronto Municipal Code 591 that regulates the hours when loud music can be played by creating quiet sanctuaries within the city where no loud music can be played at any time.

The Toronto Police Service no longer address noise complaints. Calls to divisions are redirected to 311. 311 will respond by requesting a specific address, and sending a city employee with a written warning up to five business days later. This has to change. 

Pest Control
Marc will support a very aggressive city-wide campaign to manage and reduce the current rodent problems in the city.

The Drug Epidemic
Marc supports Mobile Safe Injection Facilities. The impact of fixed safe injection facilities on neighborhoods must be taken into account. Montreal, Kelowna, Kamloops, Victoria have opted for the mobile solution. So should Toronto.


Protecting Kensington Market
Kensington Market: Marc will support the candidacy of Kensington Market for Unesco World Heritage under cultural criteria sections iv « is an outstanding example of a type of building, architectural, or technological ensemble or landscape which illustrates a significant stage in human history » and v : « is an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement, land-use, or sea-use which is representative of a culture, or human interaction with the environment especially when it has become vulnerable under the impact of irreversible change ».

Heritage Conservation Districts
Marc will support the creation of a systematic process that fairly identifies, conserves and protects individual heritage properties in Heritage Conservation Districts across Toronto. If heritage experts believe a property is worth saving, it should be saved. Marc will also support an urgent City Staff review for all properties that are subject to imminent demolition – including 7 Dale Avenue – under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA).

Housing and Urban Development

In 2010, the average cost of a house or condo in Toronto was over $450,000. In 2017, the average cost had risen to over $775,000. – Source

The Housing Crunch
I will support the mandating of a commission, headed by the Ombudsman of Toronto, to investigate the multi-factorial causes for the inflationary state of the real estate market and the consequences for affordable housing in Toronto. We can’t act unless we understand all the elements that are contributing to the current prohibitive costs of buying and renting in this city.

Vacancy Tax and Foreign Ownership of Real Estate
Marc supports taxing foreign and domestic homeowners who don’t pay taxes in Ontario. Marc also supports a vacancy tax on investor-owned properties that are unoccupied.

Municipal Land Transfer Tax
I will push for reform or adjustments to the Municipal Land Transfer Tax in Toronto, such as increasing the first-time buyer rebate and indexing the tax rates to inflation.

Tax Rebates for Homeowners for bringing spaces to code
Marc supports giving Homeowners Property Tax Rebates to convert basements and attics into living spaces that are up to code.

Laneway Housing
Toronto’s in the midst of a serious housing crunch and Marc will support a more aggressive plan to develop laneway housing. Toronto must reimagine its laneways as residential-friendly areas with forms of housing.

Laneway Development
Marc will support developing our existing network of interconnected laneways so they can become event spaces and community spaces. A good example is Vancouver’s More Awesome Now Projet.

Municipal Bylaws and zoning
Marc will push for updating municipal zoning by-laws and policies in Toronto that will allow and encourage more medium density housing. Decades old zoning restrictions primarily allow for detached homes, with a few exceptions of high-rise towers along major transit corridors, but there are not many options offered in-between, the so-called “missing middle.”

Marc will support the doubling of Playgrounds within the Ward. With only 3 (Pricefield, Huron, Fred Hamilton) within the Ward and 7 adjacent Playgrounds in neighbouring Wards, there is a serious lack of infrastructure for safe play areas for our children. Marc will also support participatory design with input from the primary users: the children.


Economic Development
Marc will support the creation of a Civic Technology Center Network, a city supported co-creation space for startups in association with existing spaces around the city.

Creative Arts and Creative Hubs
Marc will support the creation of a Civic Arts Network, a city supported co-creation space for small festivals, creatives and artists in association with existing spaces around the city.


Community Policing
Marc will support the expansion of neighborhood officer programs. Community-based policing is key to improving safety in Toronto’s neighborhoods. Community-based policing means that specific officers are assigned to particular communities, allowing police to build relationships with the residents in their area. This builds a mutual trust, which will allow police to identify problems and solve them before incidents and violence occurs. Marc will also support more diversity on the police force.

School Boards

Voting for the right School Trustee and the right School Board
As an elector in Toronto you will have to choose between English Public, French Public, English Catholic and French Catholic. Check your status here and make any corrections in minutes:


Toronto’s Operating Budget is $13 billion dollars. – Source 

Closing Loopholes
Taxation within the city has become too complex and unfair, there are too many loopholes and unfair practices. I will support the creation of a commission to investigate and hold hearings on this matter so that we can have fair taxes in our city.

Vacancy Tax and Foreign Ownership of Real Estate
Marc supports taxing foreign and domestic homeowner who don’t pay taxes in Ontario. Marc also supports a vacancy tax on investor-owned properties that are unoccupied.

Transit and transportation

The average daily commute time for public transit users in Toronto is 96 minutes. – Source

The Downtown Relief Line
Marc supports a Downtown Relief Line and is committed to working with all parties involved to speed up the construction of this urgent project.The Downtown Relief Line will be essential for decongesting the current TTC lines. Current development levels in our wards and adjacent wards cannot be sustained without a Downtown Relief Line.

Redesign Pedestrian Crossovers (PXOs) so they are clearly visible using a false 3D paint job. Too many accidents happen at these crossovers as they often give pedestrians a false sense of security.

Cycling in Toronto is dangerous and deadly. This has to change: we need to end the current piecemeal approach within our city and create true bike-lanes. At the same time, Marc will support increased fines and police campaigns for cyclists who use sidewalks and don’t obey traffic laws and signals.

Implement the Dutch design at busy intersections by implementing Leading Pedestrian Intervals, which basically gives pedestrians (and optionally cyclists) a head start to move through the intersection before drivers are given the green light.

The Kitchen Sink

Sanctuary City
Marc would wholeheartedly support the practices and protections that a Sanctuary City can offer stateless persons, refugees and undocumented persons. 

Original Signals
Develop truly iconic symbolism for our pedestrian and cycling signals in Toronto. Inspired by the Berlin Ampelmännchen, optimized for visibility, we need to put our best creative minds forth and create a truly Toronto set of symbols.

Being a More Effective Councillor
Marc would implement, within his office, the use of an online ticketing system that incorporates text messaging, social media, phone and email for better management of inquiries, requests and communication with the residents of the new Toronto Wards.

FYI – Roles and responsibilities of City Councillors.

Councillors, also known as Members of Council, play both a legislative role and a constituency role. In their legislative role they are responsible for considering and establishing policies and by-laws to implement Council’s decisions. In their constituency role Councillors are responsible for consulting with the constituents of their ward and for ensuring that all sides of an issue are considered in the decision making process.

Councillors work on city-wide, ward based and local neighbourhood issues. To carry out this diverse role effectively Councillors play several roles within the City’s governance system. A typical Councillor’s workload includes:

  • chair or member of a standing committee
  • chair or member of a community council
  • chair or member of additional committees and boards such as sub-committees, advisory committees, task forces, boards of management, and program operating boards. In addition to these formal appointments most Councillors serve in a volunteer capacity with other community organizations.