Contributions over 25$ qualify for the Toronto Contribution Rebate Program. Under the Contribution Rebate Program, individuals who contribute to mayor or councillor candidates in an election can receive a rebate from the City for their contributions.

Application Rules:

  • only monetary contributions from individuals are eligible for a rebate
  • total contributions of $25 or less are not eligible for a rebate
  • contributions of goods or services are not eligible for a rebate
  • corporations and trade unions cannot contribute to candidates running for mayor or councillor
  • any contributions that contravene the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 are not eligible for a rebate
  • a contributor who contributes to multiple candidates cannot give a total of more than $5,000
    • failure to do so may result in a fine up to $25,000 or imprisonment
  • the candidate must close their campaign before their contributors can receive a rebate
  • the candidate must file an audited financial statement by the financial filing deadline
  • if a candidate is involved in a compliance audit proceeding, their contributors will not receive a rebate until the process has been completed