À la prochaine fois

Dear Friends and Constituents,

Tonight, the citizens of Ward 11 have chosen their councillor and have re-elected Mike Layton to Toronto City Council. Mike’s clear victory is a true recognition of his experience and dedication to this city. Going forward, Mike, and 24 other city councillors will face a new reality imposed upon them by the provincial government. I sincerely wish him success in representing the constituents of Ward 11.

To the other candidates, I enjoyed debating the issues with you and believe I made some new friends. I look forward to meeting you again.

I am proud of our accomplishments tonight. Our team was small but dedicated, but we were convinced the best approach was to work on ideas, ideas and more ideas. If a single one of our ideas lives on, we will consider this endeavour a success.

Let me take this opportunity to thank those who chose to cast a ballot in my favour, there is no more humbling experience than the confidence of others.

Thank you,
Merci chers amis,

Marc A. Cormier



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